A Beginning

I find my enthusiasm for nourishing, tasty and sustainable food hard to contain sometimes, so this is where I’ll write about it.

Sometimes with food it feels as though everything is new to me. I went vegan at a young age, and when I woke up from that unnatural way of living I had to teach myself how to cook meat, dairy and eggs at an age where I really should have known how to already. I’d never whipped cream or egg whites, and now it’s all too exciting being able to make this stuff with nothing but a whisk and a bowl, when so many people just buy it in spray cans full of dodgy sounding unpronounceable ingredients. Same goes with stock/broth, I’d only used these little msg-laden cubes of stuff called stock, and now I can put some bones leftover from a roast lunch in a pot with some water, leave it simmering for a few hours, and be rewarded with the most delicious base for a soup, or a drink in its own right. It all fits together so well, that we can easily make these delicious creations that are brimming with nutrition, often from things which are considered waste products in the modern world. No matter how much msg or xanthan gum are thrown into a supermarket package in an attempt imitate our traditional foods, real food made from healthy animals will always be superior in every way.

Maybe other people are in the same boat that I am, learning how to cook real food for the first time. I’ll be posting up lots of recipes, as well as posting plenty of other useful stuff on here. The internet sometimes looks like a giant cesspool full of advertising and clickbait promises that always disappoint, all the while filling my sense of aesthetics with rage, and I want to provide an alternative to this.

I’ll start with some recipes.

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